2021 Chicago Burglary Rate

2021 Chicago Burglary Rate Declines, But Should You Feel Safe?

2021 Chicago Burglary Rate
Chicago Burglary Rate

In the “Windy City,” the “winds of change” continue to blow as its crime rate continues its slow decline. The recent Chicago police reports reflected burglary cases are at a 20-year low in July. With burglary incidents waning, does this mean that the possibility of your home being burglarized wanes, as well? According to burglary statistics, your home is still at risk.

Dissecting Chicago Police Burglary Reports

The burglary rate made a huge dent in the decrease of the crime rate in the city. In the first three months of 2021, a year-to-date total Uniform Crime Reporting or UCR cited a drop by 27%. That decrease is driven by the decline in property crimes. In 2020 burglary incident reports noted a 9% drop, the highest in Chicago.

2017 to 2021 Chicago Burglary Comparison Rate

The Chicago police department’s recent citywide crime statistics recorded a continuous drop.
There is a -10.83% change in 2018 compared to the number of cases in 2017. In 2019, the burglary cases dropped to 19.49%, which is still a significant decrease. Unfortunately, Chicagoans experienced only a 0.33% drop in 2020.

So far, as of the latest report provided by the Chicago police department that covered until 22 of August of this year, there is a change of -39.01%.
In the last five years, the city’s burglary rate decreased by -56% as of date. That decrease is the largest drop in a crime compared to a robbery offense, theft, MTR vehicle theft, and others.

Are Most Burglary Cases In Chicago Solved?

According to the police department’s 2019 Annual Report, only 24.11% were cleared. This means authorities are continuing the search. Another reason is that there’s no conviction yet, or there are no suspects in custody.

What Burglary Cases Hint On How You Can Avoid Being Burglarized

As homes become smarter in this digital age, burglars have become smarter, as well. These criminals create new tactics to gain access to your property. The news tells us how we can avoid being victimized.

Burglars Posing As Utility Workers

Several neighborhoods in Cook County, Chicago have been targeted in a spring of burglaries in May of this year. In the 6500 block of North Springfield Avenue, two burglars targeted houses by pretending to be employees of the city’s Water Management Department. Sadly, they managed to mislead homeowners. One of the suspects talked to the victim while the other one sneaked in.

Business Owners Should Put Tracking Devices On Their Machines

The thieves ransacked one store after another, and it all started to go south when they stole from a spa business. A string of burglaries in the South side came to a stop when they stole an ATM with a GPS tracker built-in. The police arrested the thieves, because of the tracker. So, business owners should invest in it and other tracking technologies.

Man Arrested by Police on Residential Burglary Charges Thanks To Alarm Systems

A man from Rolling Meadows was caught in the act of stealing valuables inside a home in Buffalo Grove. According to Illinois law, residential burglary charges are a Class 1 felony. That will send the person to four to fifteen years in state prison. The homeowner contacted the police immediately when their alarm systems notified them. The police arrived on site and arrested the man immediately.

Burglary Statistics Homeowners Should Know About

Protecting your family starts at your home. Based on a study, we spend almost 90% of our time indoors. Does this mean that burglars will back away if they see you inside your home? According to the statistics, they do not.
With burglars not giving a care in the world if you’re inside, what then should you do? The statistics tell us that it’s best for you to protect your home by installing a home security system. One of the burglars’ checklist in choosing their targets is if the house does not have a security system.

In choosing a security system for your residential and commercial building, it’s best to hire professionals. Sure, homeowners and business owners can save a lot by not hiring a professional’s help. But they might end up in the wrong placement of their cameras and sensors on every site on their property. Without the accuracy in the placement, security system users might not get the protection they need for their apartment or store.

Based on the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program, burglars are more likely to break your window and door open to gain access. Unlawful entry means a person went into your home or commercial building without your consent. This is when they saw a “window” of opportunity when points of entry are unlocked. Forcible and unlawful entry will be punishable as a felony if the person has intent to commit another offense.

Safe Family Security has the best home security company in Illinois by personalized the security system for your needs. Your system will alert you whenever and wherever you are when your service professionals visit your home or if there’s illegal access. With Home Automation, you can ask for machines in your store to have GPS and other tracking technologies.

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