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Protect your Bolingbrook residence or business with a surveillance system

We don’t just get the job done. We take the time to get you familiar with your greatest investment in safety. After the installation, our clients never had to troubleshoot their systems. We are known in the great cities of Aurora, Bolingbrook, Downers Grove, Glen Ellyn, and Naperville as the company that does not fall short of their expectations. They expect quality, we give excellence.

On a tight budget? No worries, our experts will work around your budget and still install the top-quality system. After all, our main service is safety. Your home and business in Bolingbrook, IL will be fully protected from any property crime. We go beyond that, of course. We also protect your families and employees from tragic accidents.

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We Know You Want The Best In The Market, So We Partnered With Brinks Home Security

Our expertise at Safe Family Security will give you peace of mind whether you’re at home, at work, or when you’re miles away on a trip. Hundreds of Bolingbrook residents find Safe Family Security trustworthy. They continue to trust us in making their loved ones and possessions safe wherever they are.
Our team will first determine your home security needs by sending our home security expert to your Bolingbrook property. Our expert will conduct a full home protection systems assessment to identify the zones in your property that can be an entry point for threats. You can have control on home monitoring devices that are precisely based on your day-to-day activities.


Safety is our #1 service. We understand the time, money, and effort it took to build your business in Bolingbrook from scratch. With the services we offer here at Safe Family Security, we will make sure that none of the investments you made for your business will be put to waste.

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Ensuring the Great People of the Greater Chicago Area Are Safe In Their Homes

Let’s start your home security project together today. Safe Family Security will listen to your needs before assessing your home, office, or business in Bolingbrook. Your residential and commercial property will defend itself with top-of-the-line security features. We only use quality surveillance cameras, highly sensitive sensors, and remote monitoring devices. So, while you enjoy a swim with your loved ones at Pelican Harbor Aquatic Park, you can have peace of mind that your home is safe.
After making your dream of owning a business a reality, invest in home security to protect your sizable investment from the reality of threats. Threats will never go near your property when they see that highly advanced protection systems are installed. Your home security will only make your lives better. We make sure of this by designing a system according to your daily activities at home, at work, or when you’re at your business living your dream.

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Our Security System Protects You From The Harm You Can’t See

Carbon monoxide claims 430 lives every year. That’s 430 lives saved if every home has a Carbon Protection System installed. All your human five basic senses can’t tell that your family is in danger of CO poisoning.
Our experts here at Safe Family Security have CO detectors built-in with our smoke detectors. This means you are not only protecting your home or business from property damage due to fire. We are highly capable of giving you the time you need to save your family. We can give you the time to evacuate your family from your home, call the needed services, and ultimately save your family from CO poisoning.

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We Help Homes That Adjusts To Your Busy Lives

Home automation does wonders for people who are working hard to create a better life for their families. Gone are the days when you had to check from time to time if your kids unknowingly compromised your home’s safety or your ability to save.
Forgot to lock the door after rushing off to work? Our team can install Automatic Door Locks. Worried if your kids left the kitchen lights on after grabbing a snack? Let our Smart Lights erase that worry. Don’t want to leave your comfy chair to check who is at the door? Safe Family Security has the right Doorbell Camera for you.
We can create a home for you in Bolingbrook, IL that has a Smart Thermostat that will adjust to your family’s activities. We can create a store or a warehouse that will reduce your monthly costs. Every business owner’s goal is to earn more and spend less. Our home automation services provide business owners just that.


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