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Professionally Installed Automatic Door Lock

An automatic door lock will strengthen your home security. Setting a schedule to automatically lock your doors will give you one less thing to think about.

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Having a secure door is one less thing to worry about

You will be able to schedule what time you want your doors to automatically lock.  That’s just one of the many benefits of an automatically locking door.

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A smart lock will make your life easier

It is much safer to have a conversation with the stranger at the door without even opening your door. You can answer your door from the safety of your couch without putting you at risk.


Yes, August smart locks can be operated without Wi-Fi as they can also connect via Bluetooth or Z-Wave.

Having another security camera is always a plus. Especially with the extra features these doorbell cameras have. 

All of the good doorbell cameras are equipped with night vision technologies. So even at night you’ll have a clear vision of the front porch. 

Recent real estate research study has actually shown that customers are significantly trying to find residences that feature numerous safety and also residence tracking modern technologies. By installing a buzzer cam, you are not only improving the safety and security of your residence, but you’re adding a function to your house that will certainly increase its appeal to possible purchasers.

Frequently asked professional installation questions

No. The devices are set up wirelessly by the app on your smart device. You do not need to connect your device to a computer during setup or operation.


Yes. Most devices require a wireless internet connection for operation. Most doorbell cameras are compatible with wireless routers running 802.11 B, G, or N, on 2.4 GHz and (for certain devices) 5.0 GHz.

Among other functions, your doorbell camera uses your wifi network to send live HD video and audio to the app on your smart device.

Yes, for certain devices such as a Ring Video Doorbell. Most doorbell cameras, though, will need to be mounted on a sturdy surface such as wood, stucco, brick, or concrete.

Doorbell cameras may be connected to low voltage transformers that power home doorbell kits. You can connect a doorbell in series with a transformer operating between 8V and 24V AC only (40V Maximum) at 50/60 Hz. Intercom systems and DC transformers are not compatible. Do not use a halogen or garden-lighting transformer.


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