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Keep your home safe with Smoke, Fire, and Carbon Detectors

Our highly accurate and sensitive detectors will give you the warning that you need that could literally save your families life.

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We use top of the line equipment to keep you safe

We keep up to date with the technology in the industry. By using the latest technology you can know that your home is safe. This ensures you will get an immediate response with the emergency assistance you will need.

Our services

Professionals you can trust

A licensed Smart Home Professional will schedule around your needs, listen to your concerns, and install your system with care. They’ll follow all necessary health protocols and do all they can to keep you and your household healthy and safe.

Having a home security system will help protect your investments. 

It’s been shown in studies that having a home security system will keep the criminals away. Even having a home security company sticker will make people think twice.

Being able to see what’s happening inside and outside your home while your away is the best piece of mind. 

If you are trying to lower your home owners insurance, having a home security system can lower it by up to 20%.

Frequently asked professional installation questions

There are few combination detectors are effective at detecting carbon monoxide, smoldering fires, and flaming fires, which is why we recommend that consumers use a combination of detectors in their homes for complete protection.

Combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have sensing technologies that work together to detect fires and the odorless, colorless, tasteless gas known as CO – the silent killer.

If you hear your carbon monoxide detector beeping, do not ignore the alarm. Leave immediately because exposure can quickly lead to health risks including heart disease or fatality. Get pets and everyone out for fresh air. Call 9-1-1 and go to the hospital immediately.

If your carbon monoxide alarm has replaceable batteries, they should be changed at least every 6 months. Although you replace your batteries, carbon monoxide alarms don’t last forever. They have a lifetime of anywhere between 5 to 7 years, but it is important to check the specific product for lifetime.

  • On each floor of the home
  • In each bedroom
  • In each hallway close to sleeping areas; if a hallway is longer than 40 feet, place devices at both ends
  • At the top of stairways going to an upper floor
  • At the bottom of stairways going to a basement
  • In your living area
  • At least 10 feet away from your stove or furnace

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